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Who is taking care of the money?
Elsewhere, I have mentioned the difficulty CCACS has managing cash contributions. During the development of this project I realized that it would be much easier for a non-profit organization to handle and raise funds than myself. I wanted a 501-(c)3 to handle the money. That organization should have a good reputation within the community with responsible leadership. There are many excellent rescue organizations in Corpus Christi that have these qualities. Because of my familiarity with For the Love of Strays, I choose to ask them first. They accepted my proposal.

In order for us to proceed we obtained written authorization from Ms. Heather Hedricks, Director of CCACS. It is here: Agreement

Equipment List
The latest equipment list is here:  Equipment List

We have reached our fundraising goal of $2000.  We therefore have closed down our You Caring Fundraiser site.  However, we still need contributions to cover maintenance of our equipment.  If you would like to donate to this cause you may send a check to For the Love of Strays, or donate via their PayPal portal.  Their donation page is here:

For the Love of Strays

If you donate by check write "photo studio" in the comments field.  If you donate via PayPal, there should be a field "Purpose" where you can enter "photo studio", or send an email to and mention your name, the amount of the donation and the words "photo studio".


We have ordered the equipment, received it, and installed it in the studio.  All equipment is fully operational.  Preliminary usage indicates that the professional lighting equipment performs beyond our original expectations.  The lighting is ample, soft, and extremely even.

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