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What are we doing?
We are  installing a permanent photographic studio complete with professional lighting at CCACS.

Why are we doing this?
Because it has been proven that high quality photographs get animals adopted and ultimately contribute to lowering the euthanasia rate.  Imagine a photograph of an animal so compelling that you just have to adopt him.  That's what we want to do for all animals entering Animal Care  Services.

During initial demonstrations at CCACS it took me 5 hours to  move my studio to CCACS.  It also takes me on the average 3 hours to post process the photos to make them ready for distribution.  Most photographers and other people with cameras don't even have a studio to move.  If we provide a studio, all that the photographer would need to do is plug their camera into the lighting system and start taking photos.  If the photographer later gives the memory card to CCACS for copying so someone else can do the post-processing and distribution of the images, it will save the photographer a total of 8 hours.  Without the time saving from having a permanent lighting studio at CCACS, it would be impossible to get the people to take good photos.

Will it work?
I took about 10,000 photographs of foster dogs in 2013 proving that the concept works.  Here is an experiment where a photographer took photos of the 10 least adoptable dogs in a shelter.  After the photos were published all 10 of the dogs were adopted:  10 Least Adoptable Dogs
Here an entire country is using photography and art to reduce their EU rate and have increased adoptions by 1400%: Costa Rica Dog Rescue
This concept is sound and we can make it work in Corpus Christi.
Go here to see more links about photographers helping to reduce the euthanasia rate at their shelters:  Photographer Links

Who will pay for it?
All the fees charged by CCACS go into the city's general fund.  CCACS gets none of this income.  CCACS cannot accept cash donations withouit going through a lot of paperwork, which can take many months.  So CCACS has no money for this project.  The only way this concept will turn into a reality is if we as a community raise the funds to purchase the required equipment.  For a list of the equipment needed see the fundraising page.


Our initial fundraising efforts have been completed.

The equipment was ordered, delivered, installed, and tested.

We are currently training volunteers and expanding our operations from a weekly schedule to a daily one.

Link to :  Fundraising Page

Recent Photo Shoots at Animal Care Services

Link to:  Volunteers Page

Click on the link above to go to the volunteers page.  We need fundraising advice, photographers, people with no photography experience but have a DSLR and want training, and volunteers who want to learn how to post-process the images and help distribute them to the rescue groups.

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